What is your X?

Many entrepreneurs and leaders are constantly battling with an unknown variable in their business.

7 Reasons Why You Might Be Struggling with Your X

I find it hard to think outside of our current industry.

I feel stuck with our current business mindset and practices.

I lack the systematic tools and framework that can help us be consistent in innovating.

I find it hard to turn our ideas into an actionable plan and execute it.

I am dealing with an organisation with so many disconnected silos.

I don't know if we are dealing with the right questions.

I feel uncertain of what's going to happen in the future.

We Are

THINKERS X is a strategic innovation design agency that provides value to ASEAN companies through a transformative innovation-as-a-service model (IaaS).

We guide. We facilitate. We bridge the gap. We think and tinker.

We embrace a transdisciplinary view of solving current business challenges by crafting experiential workshop and conducting co-created consultative engagements.

We believe in the multiplicative effect of a learning experience designed with the intersection of serious play, strategic foresight and visual thinking.

How We Deal With Your X

Audit &

If we ever feel unsure of where to begin when dealing with an X, we should start by taking stock of our current stage. This might involve looking at hard numbers, sensing emotions, along with utilising quantitative and qualitative tools suitable to the challenge at hand to get to the root of our X.


We need to consider possible future scenarios when dealing with our X. When we have identified a preferred state, we can take impactful action in the present to anticipate that X. The world of applied strategic foresight provides us with a solid method to identify a long-term vision of a better future.


Thinkers X embraces a human-centered approach where we placed the individual at the centre of everything. We also use collaborative, holistic, and iterative design methods to bridge the company’s current and futures need.

Learning &

Gain actionable insights on problem identification and get inspired with innovative solutions through our distinct learning platform. Our experiential and immersive platform will engage you physically, cognitively, and emotionally – allowing you to develop knowledge sustainably.
Avin Pokardas

Avin Pokardas

I'm a design thinker and an innovation management professional, who focuses on building human-centric companies. Whenever I'm not networking or shooting off strategies, I read novels, travel the world (when borders aren't closed), and collect luxury watches.

Darwin Antipolo

Darwin Antipolo

I'm a designpreneur who uses serious play, visual thinking, and foresight/futures in my practice. My itinerant curiosity has helped me deliver nuanced insights for top MNCs and regional players.

Ran Lal

Ron Lal

By profession, I'm a Design Thinker. At heart, I have an entrepreneurial spirit. Using Human Centered Design as a compass, I'm on a mission to help people live their best life, build human-centric companies and drive innovation.

Benjamin AW

Benjamin Aw

A Gamifier and Futurist in my core. I strive to enable individuals and organizations discover and build their future while building systems to make the entire process fun and engaging.

We Helped Deal With Their X

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